Reduce Erosion for Shoreline & Property Protection

Thomas Docks has just what you need in seawall and retaining walls to protect your shoreline, reduce erosion and maintenance and enhance your property’s usability. Your shoreline can be damaged by waves coming in or rainwater washing it out, which in turn causes more stress and headaches, rather than the relaxation and freedom you expect. At Thomas Docks, protecting your property is as important to us as it is to you. We have designed several wall options from retaining walls to seawalls with damage control products offering another layer of protection, security and peace of mind against erosion.

What are Seawalls & Retaining Walls?

Seawalls are crafted below the water’s surface to provide protection against both flooding and erosion. These are available in rock, metal and durable plastic components.

Retaining Walls are constructed above the water’s surface to hold back dirt and soil from rainwater runoff and aggressive wave crashing. These are available in concrete and economical steel components.

Our Wall Installation Process

To determine what wall will work best for you, Thomas Docks will first assess your estate’s surroundings and make a recommendation that will preserve, enhance and hold your property’s overall value.

Whether you choose a seawall or a retaining wall, both will secure your shore from overfill water or land eroding off your property.

When constructing your walls with materials such as economical steel and precast concrete, we offer Contech Engineered Solutions that are built strong and tough to withstand elemental damage from either earth or water. If your lake doesn’t allow for a wall, we have other natural erosion control applications like Rip-Rap or boulders that are eco-and environmentally-friendly.

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