Marine Services

Full-Service Dock and Seawall Construction & Maintenance Company

Thomas Docks is your full-service dock, seawall construction and maintenance business, keeping your dock and lift functional while out on the water. We specialize in new construction, as well as providing maintenance programs to protect your investment. Whether you need waterfront equipment installed, repaired, replaced, constructed and customized, we take care of all your marine and boating needs. We also own a fleet of equipment to perform large tasks including the barge and excavator, dredging watercraft, cranes, large and small bulldozers, and pulley-system cranes.

Marine Services

No matter how large or small your waterfront equipment may be, Thomas Docks fixes it in a timely manner to get you back on the water with the durability, reliability and loyalty you trust. As expert dock builders and marine contractors, we know first-hand how to properly diagnose a situation. Let us help save you time and money by determining whether your dock, boat lift, wall or docking accessory can be repaired instead of replaced. Our competitive pricing meets your budget where you need it most with quality work and craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else. We’re truly your one-stop-shop for all your docking necessities ensuring everything runs as smoothly as when you first purchased it from us. We offer a wide-variety of marine services including:

  • Boat Dock Leveling, Maintenance, Moving & Repair
  • Boat Lift Conversion
  • Boat Lift Leveling, Maintenance, Moving & Resetting
  • Dock Lumber Replacement
  • Dredging
  • Float Refastening & Replacement
  • Ramp Hinge Bolt Replacement
  • Seawall and Retaining Wall Installation & Repair
  • PWC Maintenance
  • Vinyl Dock Replacement
  • Welding
  • Wind Damage Repairs

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