Dredging Services

Increase Property Access at or Around Your Dock

Thomas Docks may be the dock experts, but we also specialize in lake, pond, river, marina and port dredging, increasing the access at or around your dock. With our hydraulic and mechanical equipment, we have the ability to move the bottom surface of the water in order to enhance your shoreline’s accessibility for all your watercraft. Before we perform any excavation work, we assess your property and the area around your dock to determine whether dredging is necessary. We will never dredge to put in a boat lift as this is only needed to increase the depth surrounding your dock.

What is Dredging?

Dredging is an essential part to the health and serenity of your property as your lake, pond or river has access points strategically located where water comes and goes. It also helps keep fish and other wildlife hidden while reducing unnecessary contaminants from spreading to other bodies of water. Our local team ensures this highly-specialized process is performed in a way that is eco- and  environmentally-friendly. We have the appropriate Indiana state permits and certification, such as the IDEM Section 401 Water Quality Certification or Isolate Wetland Permits, ensuring everything living in and around the area is safe, secure and protected during each step of the dredging process.

Dredging FAQs

What are some reasons for dredging?
What are some benefits of dredging?

Improve fish habitat
Ability to swim, boat or fish
Improve water quality


What are some signs to determine when a waterfront should be dredged?

Water levels are lower in both depth and width
Odors and algae have increased
Fewer or no fish and other marine creatures and plants


What is your process for dredging?

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How do you determine how much to dredge?

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Do I need to dredge my area in order to install my boat lift?

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