Hendren Plastics, industry leader in foam-filled encased floats along with a 15-year warranty, had a contest to see which of their distributors could come up with the most innovative and industrious design utilizing their Eagle Floats. Thomas Docks are the Midwest distributor for Eagle Floats.

Our customer, Mark Dodd, owner of Dodd Technologies, Inc., set up an amazing job utilizing Eagle Floats and, in turn, winning the contest for us! Pictures are below, click on them to see larger views.

Eagle Floats 1 - Dodd Technologies Eagle Floats 2 - Dodd Technologies Eagle Floats 3 - Dodd Technologies Eagle Floats 4 - Dodd Technologies

Thanks to Mark Dodd, we will get spotlighted in Hendren Plastics' new Eagle Floats display room as well as in their new website gallery!